Kata Summit 2018 – Changing and Sustaining an Improvement Culture!

Official website here!

Healthcare and the mid-Atlantic region will be well-represented at this year's Kata Summit (aka KataCon)! Skip Steward, the Chief Improvement Officer at Baptist Memorial Healthcare will be co-hosting. An example of "going beyond the starter kata" from Meritus will be shared. Other notable presenters with ties to healthcare and the mid-Atlantic region include:

Mini Keynotes:
Experimenting toward the Target Condition
-Jeff Kopenitz, DE Valley Industrial Resource Center

Lessons from Kata Practice in Healthcare
- Michael Lombard, CEO Cornerstown Hospital Southwest Louisiana

Kata Teaches the Meta-Patterns of Innovation
- Mark Rosenthal, Novayama (Kata Coach to Baptist Memorial and Meritus Health)

Facilitated Deep Dives:
Coaching Kata: Creating a Deliberate Culture
Mark Rosenthal and Craig Stritar (former CI Director at Meritus Health)

- Jeff Koepenitz, Michael Lombard, and Brandon Brown (Kata coach to Baptist Memorial)

Any many more! If you have not yet registered, the Summit is filling up fast. See you there!

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