November Lean Healthcare Consortia- Hanover

Hanover Hospital will be hosting the next Lean Healthcare Consortia meeting scheduled for Thursday, November 2nd, starting at 8:30 am. 

Please see tentative topics and agenda below.


  • Bringing ED soiled and clean utility areas into JCAHO compliance: A Kata Across Departments- Alison Brennan (Kata Coach), Dawn Olsen (Director CSS), Tara Slagle (Manager ED), Lisa Docimo (Clinical Leader ED)
  • Central Sterile Processing: Reducing work in progress at the end of shifts- Dawn Olson (Director CSS), CSS team 
  • Increasing Hand Hygiene through GoJO and staff engagement in the Med Surge Areas- Terri Ring (Manager PCU), Jen Hansen (Clinical Leader PCU)
  • Standardizing I&O measurement across Med Surg Areas- E4 Unit Council
  • Laboratory: Eliminating unnecessary specimen labels by standardizing processes- John Samuel, Tracy McCartney, Monica Salisbury (Lab Supervisors) 
  • Improving Storage Areas in the Cath Lab- tentative to project completion- Jess Clauser (CV Tech/education coordinator), Julie Bankert (Kata coach)


0830-0900- Breakfast and Networking

0900-0915- Welcome to Hanover

0915-1000- Bringing ED Soiled and Clean Utility Areas into JCAHO compliance: A kata Across Departments


1015-1200-Presentations (20 min each )

1200-1300- Lunch and round robin discussion of current projects and the latest & greatest of what your organization has going on

1300-1330- Discuss upcoming lean consortia “Summit”- Sara and Luann

1330-1400- Optional: Tour of Med Surg area for anyone wanting to see the GoJo monitoring screen

If you have any questions, please contact Luann Garland at 717-316-2191 or


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