KataCon 2017 Keynote: Joe Ross, CEO, Meritus Health

The following was submitted by Mark Rosenthal at TheLeanThinker.com. We at Meritus are excited share what we have learned, and learn how to improve our approach in 2017. Hopefully a few of the mid-Atlantic consortia members can join us in San Diego next month!

KataCon 2017 Keynote: Joe Ross:

Joseph P. RossLast year I nominated Joe Ross, the CEO of Meritus Health in Hagerstown, MD to be a keynote speaker at the 2017 KataCon. I did so because I think Meritus has a compelling story.

Like many organizations, Meritus had engaged in several years of staff-led improvement focused on events and things like “A3 Training.” And like many organizations, while the individual events seemed successful, the actual long-term traction was limited.

A little over a year ago Meritus started exploring Toyota Kata as a possible way to change the cultural dynamic. The 2017 KataCon will be on the anniversary of our first training session.

In the meantime, Meritus also applied the same thinking to how they did their senior leader rounding, as well as applying the thinking shifting the way the staff interacts with patients and each other.

Joe’s talk will cover these key points and the lessons they have learned along the way.

I hope you will be there to hear his message and meet him as well some of his key people.

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