New Templates Posted!

Thank you to all who attended April’s consortia meeting at Meritus Health and for the great discussion around the two topics of interest:

  1. Emergency Department direct bedding implementation (thank you to LVHN’s Chris Kita for presenting)
  2. Leader Daily Rounding/Leader Standard work.

I would also like to thank Darryl Benson from Frederick Memorial Hospital for offering to help administer this page. Not only is there a lot of willingness to share current best practices between health systems, but there is a lot of learning taking place! Hopefully some of the templates linked on this site will prevent others from having to reinvent the wheel.

New links/templates

  1. Main page
    1. Lean tools and templates
      1. Leader Standard Work/Leader Daily Rounding
      2. Process at a glance (3P tool)
    2. Improvements and best practices in hospital units
      1. Direct Bedding – Lehigh (draft)
      2. Direct Bedding – Meritus (check back for more updates!)

Please feel free send any updates/edits/suggestions in the comments section below.

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